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Well. I missed Christmas around here, but I'm early for New Year's, I guess. Let's hear some resolutions, people.

I resolve that you are never leaving the planet again. And possibly my sight.

Also, your 'I'm fine' act gets more unbelievable every day. I didn't even think you were capable of hitting the post button after writing just one line.
That's completely unfair, and I'm just going to conveniently ignore that you ever said it.

It is real, and I am fine, at least until the holidays are finally over, because I have resolved to not let anything interfere with our 'family togetherness time', for once.
Lucky for you, I won't forget.

That is also completely unfair. How'm I suppose to enjoy family togetherness time knowing that something's bothering you, but you're not going to tell me about it until some arbitrary deadline has passed? Our issues are, at this, point, part and parcel of the family, and I think you should resolve to recognize that.
I said ignore, not forget. Also, lucky for you, I have a variety of ways to make you change your mind.

It's not an arbitrary deadline, it's New Year's! I just thought it would be nice for us to enjoy ourselves without the extra helping of angst, because god knows my issues aren't going anywhere...
How is that lucky for me? I'm just hoping you don't have anywhere to go for a long, long while, and it doesn't matter. Not that I regret this Christmas thing, necessarily, I'm just...tired of worrying about you.

Maybe not. But when I know something's wrong, putting it off doesn't help much, you know? Maybe you'd have a better time if you just get it off your chest.
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(Deleted comment)
When exactly do you have time to do grad studies in anything?

I wasn't really, but I was offering you an opportunity at immersion.
(Deleted comment)
Eh, I don't really know. It's still indefinite, at this point, but I'm pretty sure we're not going to get away with it forever. And I'm finding myself surprisingly unenthusiastic about the idea of going back. I'm...not really sure what's wrong with me.
(Deleted comment)
It's not that. Obviously Colorado in January is nobody's dream. It's that I...have very little enthusiasm for returning to work, for Daniel returning to work, and that's...new.

'course not. You're always welcome.
(Deleted comment)
Maybe just different. I don't know, I always thought I'd drive myself crazy with retirement, and even last Christmas I was less than enthusiastic about cutting hours to be home more for the kids after Daniel's grounding ended. But it doesn't feel like that now. Maybe it is just too many close calls. Or too many recoveries.

...I wouldn't go that far.
I resolve to be less of an asshole.

Seems as good a place to start as any.