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Yes, you read that correctly. What else are two bored, consenting adults with an HD camcorder and too much time on their hands expected to do?

I know, I know. What gives me the right to pop up out of nowhere and brag about my incredible sex life, after being in absentia for a year and a day?

Nothing, that's what. But I'm doing it anyway.

...hi. I've missed you guys.

Jackson, none of us need to know about these things.
That's a matter of individual opinion, wouldn't you say?
Fine, I certainly don't need to know what you're using your HD camera for.
Fair enough. You'll notice I was kind enough to omit the details, anyway.
...I feel like that title might be misleading.
...really? How so? I thought it was clever.
Oh, it is. To me. And you. But...um, who else knows what Jack and Floppy refers to?
Oh. Good point. I was hoping someone would ask, though.
Well. I bet Tony does, so maybe you'll get to explain, after all.
Tony's probably pissed at me for staying away from LJ for so long (and not taking his many, many memes), and is therefore punishing me with an uncharacteristic lack of curiosity.
You know, I was about to say before he jumped in here, or pissed about not being invited to the screening...
...does that mean you'd be okay with letting Tony watch it?
...maybe. Though I'm not sure anyone would actually...want to.
What do you mean? It's porn. Believe it or not, there's a fairly large market for that sort of thing...
(Deleted comment)
Sadly, it is not, and I'm in possession of the only copy in existence at the moment. But I would totally let you watch it for free, Tony.

Hey, Ididn't make the rules. But Mulder informs me that one's porno name is a combination of your first pet's name, and the street you grew up on. So I guess I'm just stuck with 'Floppy'.
(Deleted comment)
...I should probably ask Fox about it first, though. I'm just rather anxious to get someone else's opinion on the... production value?

It was news to me. You know, to this very day, I'm still not certain whether Floppy was a boy or a girl bunny. I might just be screwed any way you look at it.

(Deleted comment)
I don't understand why everyone keeps insisting that I'm an exhibitionist. Just because I don't share the traditional Puritan values that most Westerners tend to embrace so readily does not mean I'm on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Just... somewhere in the middle. And mostly unashamed of it. But hey, I wouldn't mind you watching (alone, or with a friend) the results of our little 'experiment' and giving an honest opinion of it. I've seen virtually no pornography myself, and would welcome an outside perspective. Fox may have lots of insiders knowledge about the stuff, but he's also somewhat... biased?

Mm, well. Floppy came to a bad end. As did your Sea Monkeys, if I recall correctly.
(Deleted comment)
Oh no, it's not a bad thing at all. I'm merely citing a lack of evidence. Quantifiable evidence, at least.

Also, tell me more of this kink for having sex in public. I'd like to compare notes.

Speaking of, taking notes would be most generous of you, if I can ever get Fox to say yes or no about sharing our amateur endeavors. You'd think he was being shy or something...

It's all subjective, I suppose. Floppy was never meant to be a pet, and the Sea Monkeys... well, one could argue that it's better they didn't see it coming...
I've quantified the evidence.

I'm not being shy, just...a little reserved. There are still parts I'm unsure about.
But... it's Tony. He'll be fair. I think.

Unsure? About what, exactly?

I'm still not sure why you're dead-set on an outside opinion, as long as you were satisfied with the results.

...I just didn't have other people in mind when we made it.
Oh. Probably all comes back down to pride, I suppose. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson about that by now, so... nevermind.
...learned what lesson?

I...don't think I have any problems. I just hadn't thought through everything we did to see if mind Tony knowing about it.
The lesson that showing off just because I can always gets me in trouble.

It's okay, don't worry about it. Forget I even asked.
You're not in trouble!

No. We could watch it again tonight and talk about it?
...not yet, anyway.

I don't know, maybe. There's just been an awful lot of sex goofing off going on around here lately. I'm trying to decide if I should get back to work on the real video project or not.
Fine, not yet, but there's no point in getting worked up about hypotheticals.

It's Saturday. You can get back to work on Monday.
Hypotheticals backed up by years and years worth of personal experience.

Okay, okay. Weekends are family time, I keep forgetting that.
Only almost-2, in this case.

And Ari claimed at lunch that the Jellyfish will be ready for her maiden 'voyage' by sundown. You better make cookies or something.
Oh, I didn't necessarily mean relationship trouble. It's just that bad things tend to happen whenever I get a little too... confident? Uppity? Full of myself? Something like that.

...crap. There's no possible way that launch won't end in tragedy, is there? Do we have time to rig it to actually float, you think?
So, what, karma? I wouldn't exactly say your confidence is unfounded, in this case.

Not without her noticing, I'm sure, and I'm not sure we have that much...buoyancy in the house. I think it'll just have to be a Valuable Life Lesson.
There's no such thing as karma. Sadly. And as gratifying as that is to hear, I'm still a little confused. You're... happy with how everything went, right?

...again, crap. Cookies and strawberry lemonade are in order for this evening, I do believe.
I realize, but what are you describing if not karma? Sorry. Like I said, let's...watch it again, ok? And: duh.

I do believe you're right. You handle that, I'll do homemade pizza, she was asking for it this week.
(Deleted comment)
You probably have point, there.

Well... perhaps? I'm just wondering what the particular thrill in it is for you.

Fox isn't sick, I guess maybe he's just not feeling as... accomplished as I do, about our adventures in risque cinema.

A word of advice, Tony? Don't let him bring home any strays he comes across at work, okay?
(Deleted comment)
I can personally attest that there is not.
(Deleted comment)
Don't even think about it.