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Finally made it to DC, safe and sound, and with everybody in one piece. Had a few close calls, though, what with Mulder pitching a fit when we had to leave Graceland, and the kids attempting mutiny because they only got to spend a single day at Dollywood, but... now we're home. The place looks great, by the way. Tony, remind me to send your contractor friend a bottle of champagne and a fruit basket, would you?

Oh, and I got to meet my biggest and best birthday present today, and wow, is she adorable. Pretty sure she likes me too, since I only got spit on once.

Also, I took one of Fraser's memes, and I'm Schindler's List. No surprise there.

Apocalypse Now.
The theatrical cut or the redux version?
Well, the picture was of the original movie poster. Schindler's List is a little heavy though, what'd you say to deserve that?
I'm just trying to gauge to what degree of crazy that the internet quiz indicated you might be. As for me, I'm pretty sure that just saying I liked to help people is what skewed the works in Spielberg's favor.
Right, those two things are obviously correlated.

...aren't you already well-aware of my degree of crazy? Speaking of, I'm a little hurt my OTHER thoughtful gifts didn't get a mention. Biggest and bestest bit me, and it hurt.
Hey, I told Tony all about my fabulous apron, and he was duly impressed.

She's just a baby, she didn't mean anything by it. Probably still teething or something. By the way, you need to help me name her.

...and my opinion of your particular brand of crazy isn't exactly objective, is it?
...you promised him pictures, didn't you.

Teething, right. She was just jealous, because you stopped paying attention to her for four seconds when I walked into the barn. Why don't you ask Ari for a name, it's her specialty?

If it were, you'd be long gone, so I'd just as soon keep it that way.
Hey, happy belated birthday, Daniel.