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...and of the teddy bear remains, s'il vous plait.

Also, who in their right mind (minds, actually, because it'd take at least a dozen people) would kidnap Ronon? Something tells me they're going to regret their actions, and quite soon.



It's a very good thing that I love to travel, because it hardly seems like I've been home for more than ten minutes at a time lately. And now I'm heading out once again, which is rather unfortunate, as a very old and dear friend of mine has just moved back to Colorado Springs, and I'd really love to be able to spend some time with her. Still, I'm only going to be absent for a little over a week, so we'll eventually find a way to catch up. I hope.

Also, I took a break from packing to do memes. I might be procrastinating. Maybe.

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[Filtered to Leroy Jethro Gibbs]

Agent Gibbs, would you happen to have some updated 'information' for me? I think I'm finally ready to make use of it.


Buy-one-get-one-free tattoos are the best idea ever. I don't know why I've never realized this before...


You guys, Vegas is amazing. You can pay to do anything here, it's so surreal. We're having a blast, although I won't go into details about Elvis-A-Rama, and how Fox had a complete fanboy breakdown, and I was forced to drag him out of there before someone called the cops. I mean, those velvet ropes are there for a reason, you know?

Oh, and I won 1700 dollars from a slot machine at the Luxor casino, like, five minutes after we got here! It was amazing. Which I may have already mentioned.

Can't stay and chat right now (or play with memes, which could be fun, I suppose, if I wasn't having the time of my life in Sin City), because there's an amazing buffet downstairs waiting for us to descend upon it like a pack of starving (hungover) wolves.


Home again, which means memes, obviously. It's been a long time since I've had a chance to just be... lazy. I should take shameless advantage of the opportunity. I have a feeling that Fox is planning to spend the next few days rolling around with the kids (and eating his own body weight in junk food), so I'm simply going to relax, enjoy the company of my family, and refuse to make any important decisions and/or take responsibility for anything more significant than personal hygiene.

I suppose that means I can spend lots of time on the internet.

And before I forget, or happen across something shiny to distract me, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who offered a kind word, or some form of encouragement/well-wishing, when I needed it most. I know I wasn't always responsive, or optimistic, or even in my right mind on occasion, but a lot of your comments and the overall positive attitude displayed around here helped keep me going, especially when the situation looked bleak. Not that I'm wishing any misfortune on you guys, but I hope I'm able to return the favor, somehow.

Now. On to the inane time-wasters:

Your Kissing Purity Score: 9% Pure
For you, it's all kiss and no talk.

You're in a permanent lip lock.
Kissing Purity Test

Ridiculous. Utterly. For one thing, kissing on roller coasters seems inadvisable. Especially if teeth are involved.

Your Kissing Grade: C-
Your kisses are downright average... and a little boring.
No one is going to hate kissing you, but no one is going to call you a fantastic kisser.
Slow down, experiment a little, and remember that less is often more when it comes to kissing!
How Do Your Kisses Rate?

...I've never gotten a C minus in my entire life. Clearly, the test itself is skewed.


Communication out here's been somewhat spotty (obviously), and a number of unforeseen complications gave us a few moments of sheer panic, but all in all, everyone's just fine.

Better than fine, actually.

Fox is awake. And back to his old self, quite literally.

I apologize for the brevity of this post, but I'm sure most of you understand that online is the absolute last place I want to be right now.


Those of you who are acquainted with me on a personal level already know that I'm not the praying type.

Tonight, however, I'm modifying my behavior to some degree, and I'm even going so far as to ask the rest of you do to the same, if you're willing.

Fox is currently in a coma, which was to be expected, given the... delicate nature of the procedure itself, so we still won't know the outcome for a few more days. It's possible he could wake from it good as new, or exactly the same, or even with the few memories he's made these past several weeks wiped out all over again. He might not even wake up, period. Those are just the facts.

I don't believe in all-powerful, omnipotent gods (Christian or otherwise), various forms of the afterlife, or any of the other spiritual refuges that humanity turns to for comfort and solace in times of crisis. I understand them, and the need for them; I know a lot about the history, origins, and evolution of practically every creationist/apocalyptic mythos that has ever existed on this planet, and then some. I could lecture for literally days on end as to how and why such concepts have become so important to us as individuals, and to the human race as a whole.

But none of that means I truly have faith in a higher power (or powers). I'm not saying there's no one out there watching over us from a distance, observing our actions, our triumphs and failures, and simply choosing to turn a blind eye to it all. The universe is infinite, and I have my own experiences to draw upon, that tell me the exact opposite is true. Someone may be watching (probably are right now, in fact), but no matter how powerful or omniscient they may be, they're fallible beings, just like the rest of us. Doesn't matter what name they choose to go by at any given time or place, there's still no such thing as magic.

No one's going to ride to the rescue, or wave a magic wand, or descend from on high and make everything okay. I know this, and I accept it. Again, that's just the way things are.

...but I'm going to go ahead and pray, anyway. I'd like to encourage the rest of you do the same, if you're so inclined.


Text message sent to Mulder - 8 July 2009 - 2:19 PM EST:

found your note. i refuse to chase after you naked this time. where ARE you?


[Filtered to Tony]

Tony, the brass is sending me your way tomorrow morning, to get me out from under their feet to meet with your boss and try to smooth things over a bit. If you're free, feel like getting together for a drink while I'm in DC? I think we could both use it.

I haven't been online much (at all) recently, and I don't know what time it is back home, but I haven't slept for days on end, and I'm technically still out of contact with just about everybody except for Will, but... they tell me there's been an incident. In DC. Fox has been hurt, they flew him back to Colorado Springs, and people at the base keep assuring me he's stable, but Will and I are both worried sick, and I'm still three days out from heading back, unless a miracle occurs (doesn't seem likely at this point), and... I wish I could tell you more, but I don't know anything. Ari's fine, just upset, because she saw the whole thing, but I can't talk to her either. Just... anybody? Tony? Sam? Have either of you spoken with Fox recently? I've been a little lax about keeping in touch, and I can't just sit here being useless. I have to find out something.

[Filtered to SGC/Atlantis Personnel, Sam]

No one knows exactly what happened in DC, just that there was a shooting at the hotel; that's all Jack will tell me, and that he's busy trying to clean up the mess before the press gets wind of it. Oh, and probable Trust involvement. That got my attention real quick. The Odyssey's not ready to head back yet, they haven't even managed to round up the last of the crew who are still down on the planet, and I refuse to wait this out quietly. I don't even know what I'm supposed to tell Will. The Xilchoz managed to get their hands (tentacles) on an unused Stargate and DHD, and have promised that it will be up and running soon. They're working in double shifts, and continue to be optimistic about getting it online ahead of schedule, but that's still not good enough.

And I'm sick of Carolyn's vague updates, and Jack's avoidance, and the IOA's patronizing attitude. I need to get home now. I'm thinking about sending an email to General Landry, see if he'd be willing to pull Sam off of whatever project she's working on, and maybe help the Xilchoz speed their 'Gate-construction process along a little bit. Anything's worth a try at this point.


I... don't have much of anything to say, really. Couldn't sleep. Wanted to play along. That's about it.

Well... also, I'm insatiably curious about everything. And everyone.

...and I just happen to have my Nano along on this trip.

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[Filtered to Mulder]

Not sure what time it is back home, but... we're here.

The trip itself was uneventful, for the most part.

Will remains very excited.


Just a quick heads-up for anyone out there who might need me for anything...

...I won't be here.

Will and I are out of town for the next month, but I'm sure we'll find some free time now and again to check in on LiveJournal.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, and stay safe, everybody.

[Filtered to Mulder]

Hey, how is it that I haven't managed to run into you on base all day long? Anyway, I've called/dropped by your office a few times since lunch, and you're obviously in hiding. Is it okay if I drive the Bond-car to go pick Tony up at the airport? (Say yes!)

I can drop it back to you at home or the mountain later, if that's alright. Don't know how long I'll be out, though.

...keys in your desk?


Over the course of my lifetime, I've done some pretty amazing things. Visited exotic places, accomplished daring feats, made fascinating discoveries, met intriguing people (even some who weren't trying to kill me), and witnessed unbelievable events that impacted the very fate of the galaxy itself.

...but I can't recall ever being quite this excited before.


If a meme (or memes, in this case) can be designated both methodologically unsound and overly analytical, then I would apply such findings here.

However, I did correct a few of the grammatical errors. Out of habit.

Tony, you need new hobbies. Besides promiscuous sex, I mean.

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Hey look, a milestone. I should reward myself with a free PlayStation 3, or something.

...or a meme. Thank you, Jounouchi.

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Except it's acctually past 4PM here in Santorini. SO I guess it shouldn't coutn as breakfast.

Hi, everybody. We're alive. And I may be a fuck-up, but at least I'm loved. I'll be back at work on Wednesday!

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Home and alive, as of 0500 this morning. Other than the occasional internet check-in, I plan on being incommunicado for a while.

[Private Entry]

Six more people are dead because of me. I wonder what that brings the grand total to now?

From an email sent to General Hank Landry, head of Stargate Command, April 20th, 2009, 1600 Zulu Time:

General Landry, et al.,

Enclosed please find my detailed report from the first (and last) trans-dimensional mirror excursion, SGC/USAF Mission Designation #MRP-7763QM. I regret that I will not be in attendance for the debriefing scheduled later today.

Also included is my official resignation from the SGC, effective immediately.

Dr. Daniel Jackson